My letter to NBC to save Community

Community is a fantastic television show whose future is uncertain.  Instead of finishing its normal season in January after the holiday break, it will be back in April-ish (hopefully).  Below is the letter to NBC I wrote in support of the show.  I also submitted it to reddit, so you might find some additional discussion there.

Dear NBC programming executives,

I am writing this letter by hand to impress upon you the sincerity of my love for Community. Since my fellow Community devotees are rallying to express their support for the show and undoubtedly inundating your offices with similar letters, I shall keep my comments brief.

I am a 25 year old, highly educated male who earns more money than I can reasonably spend. I have no Nielsen box, nor do I have a land line telephone. While I almost always watch the latest episode of Community during the original broadcast, my total time spent watching Community is dominated by Hulu, which I use to rewatch episodes multiple times during the following week. For example, in the days following its broadcast, I watched “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” about 15 times. Additionally, I purchased both DVD sets.

Community’s quirkiness, sharply written dialogue, and steadfast commitment to building a richly woven, self-consistent narrative are just some of the reasons why it is my favorite show. It artfully immerses the fantastic and ridiculous into the backdrop of an endearing group of friends that I actually would like to know.

Community is one of the two shows I watch on my TV and not my computer. The other, the Today Show, is background noise while I get ready for work. Without Community, my view of the NBC brand would regress to the opinion I held after the cancellation of Conan’s Tonight Show – “that channel” that has the Olympics every few years. I urge you to continue keeping Community as a core part of your comedy lineup. It is literally the only NBC show I make time for.

Thank you for your consideration,

Daniel Robert Austin

Fairfax, VA

PS – It would be unwise to replace Community with bland, timid crap in an effort to better compete with the other networks. They are masters at it.