Advanced Info

Exporting Items

FNIStash allows exporting your entire Registry into the .tl2i format, which is the same format used by Stash Ninja.  Export your database by clicking on the “Export database” link at the bottom of the GUI.  The notification window will indicate the location to which your Registry has been exported (AppData\Roaming\FNIStash\Export).  In order to prevent export collisions, FNIStash will not export the Registry unless the Export directory is empty.

FNIStash will notify you in the message window when the export operation is complete.  Please wait until export is complete before interacting with FNIStash again.

Importing Items

FNIStash also allows importing of items in the .tl2i format.  Before FNIStash start up, copy and paste your .tl2i files into the AppData\Roaming\FNIStash\Import directory.  When the FNIStash webpage is loaded, the import process will begin.  Items that succeed import will be removed from the Import directory, and items that do not import successfully will remain in the Import directory.

After Importing is complete, the FNIStash GUI will load up as normal.  The notification window will provide summary information about the files you imported.

Note that because FNIStash tracks each item individually by its random ID, any items that have the same random ID (such as dupes) will be destroyed in the import process because FNIStash sees each dupe file as an update to a single item.  User beware.


FNIStash makes up to 10 automatic backups of your shared stash and Registry files.  The backups are timestamped and placed in AppData\Roaming\FNIStash\Backups.  The Registry is backed up the first time the webpage is loaded after the FNIStash server is launched, and the shared stash file is backed up every time the webpage is loaded.

To give an illustrative example, if you start up the FNIStash server, then load the FNIStash web page 11 times without shutting down the server, you will have no backup of your Registry file, so it’s good practice to shut down the server occasionally.

PAK Files and Mods

FNIStash gets the TL2 game data by reading it directly out of the PAK binary files pointed to in the configuration file.  This has an advantage in that any updates to the core TL2 game data are automatically reflected in FNIStash (within reason) without any input from the user.  One disadvantage, however, is that FNIStash will not work with game mods that significantly change the inventory system because these changes are stored outside the PAK files in MOD files.

Upgrading FNIStash

In many cases, upgrading FNIStash is simply a matter running the new executable pack instead of the old one.  The upgrade should be transparent

However, some updates to FNIStash might include breaking changes, meaning the new version will NOT work with your existing database.  Here are the steps for upgrading to new versions of FNIStash when there are breaking changes.  The main FNIStash download link will indicate whether these steps are needed.

  1. Export your Registry.
  2. Move the AppData\Roaming\FNIStash directory to a safe location.
  3. Start the new version of FNIStash.  This create a new AppData\Roaming\FNIStash directory
  4. Copy your exported .tl2i files into the new AppData\Roaming\FNIStash\Import directory and load the FNIStash webpage.  Take note of the number of files you are importing.
  5. Your items will be re-imported using the new version of FNIStash.
  6. When importing is complete, the GUI will be shown and import summary notices will be displayed.  Check that FNIStash is working as you expect and that all your items were imported successfully.