Feature Requests

Feature Requests

Feature requests for Sprite Clipper are listed below.  You can use the contact page to send me a new idea you have.  I’ll try to implement feature requests when I can.

  • Add a packing method that places the sprites in an equally spaced grid.  Requested by Paul M. Paul created his own packer to handle this.  His modified SC jar file can be found on  this forum discussion threadImplemented in version 0.91.1.
  • Ctrl-A should select sprites by some order based on their location on the sprite sheet and not based on sprite area.  Requested by Paul M.  Implemented in version 0.91.1.
  • Add a center reshape anchor point. Requested by Bob C.  Implemented in version 0.92.0.
  • Add drag to select for identified clips instead of needing to click each one. Requested by Bob C.  Implemented in version 0.92.0.


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