Editing and Clipping

Sprite Selection

To select sprites, click on them one by one, or use a drag-select gesture.  The clips will get a greenish hue to show they are selected.  Sprites will be added to the clipped sprites list in the order you select them.  You can select all the sprites on a sprite sheet by clicking the All button, or deselect all sprites by clicking the None button.  You can also use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+N.

If you select All, any unselected sprites will be added to your current selections.  These sprites are added in a top/down, left/right order.

Merging Pieces of Sprites

To merge pieces of sprites together into a new, grouped sprite, select the pieces you want to merge and click the Merge button.  The new sprite will be large enough to contain all the merged pieces.  The merge button can also be activated by using Ctrl+M.

Merge separate pieces

Before merge

Selected sprites after merge

After merge

If you select only a single sprite to merge, then the sprite will automatically be merged with any other intersecting sprites.  This feature is useful for cleaning up sprites where tiny pieces of the sprites are identified as separate objects within the larger identified object.

Single sprite merge

Single sprite before merge

Single sprite after merge

Single sprite after merge

Reshaping Sprites

The size of one or more sprites can be changed so that the sprites are all the same size.  This is convenient when clipping frames of an animation.  To reshape the sprites, select the sprites to be resized.  Then choose a reshaping anchor point in the RS Anchor radio button group.  This point is the location on the bounding box of each sprite that will stay in the same position.  The rest of the bounding box of each sprite will be expanded so they are all the same size.  Click the Reshape button (or use Ctrl+R), and the bounding boxes of each sprite will be expanded to the smallest size capable of containing any of the selected sprites.

Sprites before reshape

Sprites before reshape

Sprites after reshape

Sprites after reshape

If you reshape a sprite that you have already added to the clipped sprites list, the in the clipped sprites list will be resized.  This allows you to resize sprites after you have added them to the clipped sprites list.


To clip sprites from the sprite sheet, select some sprites by clicking them, and then click the Clip button, or use Ctrl+C.  The sprites will be clipped and added to your clipped sprites list.