FNIStash r1.3 released!

It’s been a pretty wild 1-2 months since I released 1.0 of FNIStash, both for me personally and for the program itself.  I’m glad that it has been very warmly received and that so many people are giving me good feedback.  It has gone through a few subsequent releases to fix bugs and add new features, the biggest probably being the ability to delete items from the Registry.  It has been downloaded over 150 times, which is pretty good I think considering I don’t publicize it much.

Other things in my life include developing a website with my brother (which, sadly, we lost our momentum on, but I hope we can get it back in the future), illness, my mother-in-law returning to China after a bureaucratic nightmare, and a shakeup at work.  So my attention to this blog has waned, but I expect this kind of transitional period in my life to get wrapped up in short order.