Main Features

Main GUI



All items encountered by FNIStash are logged in an external database file called the Registry.  Items that exist in the shared stash but not in the Registry are registered when the FNIStash webpage is loaded.  In the GUI, all registered items are shown in the Registry table.  Each item listed in the registry has one of a few statuses:

  • Stashed – The item exists within the shared stash (it has already been registered).
  • Archived – The item exists only within the external database.  Items are moved to the Archived state by dragging and dropping them onto the Registry table display, or by using the yellow triangle button to archive all items in the active tab.
  • Inserted – Gems inserted into weapons and armor are registered individually and given the Inserted status.
  • Elsewhere – Items that are registered but neither Archived nor Stashed are given the Elsewhere status.  This situation arises when a registered item is moved from the shared stash to somewhere else, like being used on a character, traded away, or destroyed entirely.  If the item returns to the shared stash at any point in the future, its status will revert to Stashed.

Only items with the Archived status can be moved from the Registry table into the shared stash.


The properties of each registered item are also logged in the database.  The Filter box allows you to search for items that have desirable properties.  Key words can be entered individually, and key phrases can be entered by surrounding in quotes.  The search is case insensitive and searches across all active tabs.  Items not matching the search criteria are faded from the shared stash display and hidden in the Registry table.  All search terms are “and-ed” together.  Use of more advanced operators is not supported.

Grail Report

Achieve the Grail means registering at least one of every item in TL2 within the Registry.  The Registry report describes how many distinct items are registered in the Registry, as well as how many total items are available to find in TL2.  It also lists each item missing from the Grail.



No changes to the shared stash file or the Registry are made until the Save Changes button is pressed.  When changes are saved, a new shared stash file is written to disk and the changes to the Registry are committed.  An asterix * will appear on the Saved Changes button if there are unsaved changes.