Sprite Clipper v0.9 released

The first version of Sprite Clipper, one of the primary reasons I started this site, has been released!  I tried to break the program as best as I could, and if I found something wrong I would fix it.  Since I haven’t been able to break this version, I’m putting it out there for people to use and try out. No guarantees, of course!

Check it out here.

I’ve learned a great deal pursuing this project and this site.  Here’s a bit:

  • Java
  • Netbeans, Ant, Freemarker
  • git and Github
  • Setting up a domain and using WordPress
  • Blob detection algorithms
  • Packing algorithms
  • Slick2d library (for testing)

In fact, the reason I started Sprite Clipper was that I started playing with Slick2d, but found getting sprite assets (even ones just for testing) a real pain in the butt.  I’m one of those people who will expend huge amounts of effort to avoid doing tedious tasks.  Tediously cropping sprites is a pain.  Building entire programs to avoid doing that is actually a lot of fun.

1 thought on “Sprite Clipper v0.9 released

  1. Most amazing program I’ve found so far!
    It does everything I need it to for working with sprite sheets
    There’s just 1 thing that would make it perfect: Saving an “Unpacked” sheet
    ie: All frames exactly the same size and spacing just like in the preview window!
    Right now I’m pressing Print-Screen to get them saved in a new file 🙁

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