Resources for learning about Haskell

As my last post alluded, I’ve started to dive into the world of functional languages.  I chose to go with Haskell over Scala since Haskell is allegedly the most “pure” of the functional languages in use, and I am of the mindset that I should go big or go home.

I’ve started to read a lot about Haskell lately, and do a few toy examples to try to solidify the concepts more.  In my reading, I have come across some good resources.

The first and I think best resource I have found is Real World Haskell.  It goes through Haskell concept quickly with an appropriate amount of dumbing down.

Similar to RWH is Learn You a Haskell for Great Good.  If you find the style of RWH a little too formal, then Learn You a Haskell is for you.  I thought Learn You a Haskell’s style a little charming at first but then rather annoying, so I recommend RWH.

I am still learning about monads, but I think this resource is decent What the hell are monads?.

And then, if you want to know more of the pros and cons of using functional languages (Haskell in particular) I would direct you to a slashdot discussion on the topic as well as this rather recent blog post.