Sprite Clipper v0.91.1 released

A new version of Sprite Clipper has been released!  This version incorporates some user suggestions from the good people at the Push Button Engine forums, and one user especially.

The updates include

  • Select All now selects in an up/down, left/right order.  Before the order was based on sprite area, and users were frustrated that the sprite ordering on the sheet was not preserved.
  • A new packing method, Grid, has been added.  This puts the sprites in a uniformly spaced grid, which is a format that many game frameworks expect.
  • Fixes to small 1 or 2 pixel positioning bugs.
  • The default connected criterion is now 8 connectivity with a 3 px half edge.  This is probably a better choice for most situations than straight 8 connectivity.

As always, comments, bug reports, complaints, etc. all welcome.