FNIStash r1.4 released!

It’s been a long while, but a new version of FNIStash is available. r1.4 adds only one feature, but it will be really useful for some people. In this release, you can optionally configure where the fnistash.db file is located on your system. You can even point it to a network drive! Now you and a friend can share the same FNIStash database, but be careful: only one of you should run FNIStash at a time.

This release is a change I made for a user request quite some time ago but never got around to releasing. It has worked for her without any problem that I know of.

So I looked at the download logs for FNIStash releases, and there are now several hundred users!  Not bad.

The last 6 months has been a tumultuous time for me.  My wife got a new job, I left my old job and got a new one, and I moved to the Seattle area.  The process has been MUCH longer than I would have liked or anticipated, but today officially marks the end of it because my wife is finally joining me in Washington.

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